Staff Directory

Schell Janet OVA Principal 248.969.5021
Suckley Mark OVA & OSEC Guidance Counselor 248.969.5017
Greenspan Amy OVA Counselor 248.969.5039
Farwell Laura Operations Coordinator 248.969.5009
Guye Jacqueline Data Specialist 248.969.5059
Eberlein Terry Administrative Assistant 248.969.5197
Brabo Sharon Administrative Assistant 248.969.5194
Hurford Lyndsey Tech Support 248.969.5064
Harvell Pam Student Support Services 248.969.5031
Sullivan Lisa Homeschool Director
Biehl Pam Social Worker
Kree Melissa School Psychologist

Hurford Tracey Elementary Mentor/Content Teacher for Math & ELA 248.969.5192
Kozyra Gail Middle School Mentor & Content Teacher for Middle School Math & Technology 248.969.5057
Ostrowski Basia Mentor: High School Full Time Students 248.969.5124
Wanecek Lisa Field Mentor Teacher (K.12) 248.467.4371
Tanevski Katherine Mentor to Part-Time students (6.12)
Rasmussen Angela Field Mentor(6.12)

Beaham Karen Spanish Teacher 248.969.5100 ext.4143
Blaskowski Stacy Content Teacher: 6-12 English Electives
Boggs Margaret K-5 Social Studies and Science/Middle School ELA(K.8)
Brevik Stephanie Content Teacher: 6-12 English Electives
Brown Debby ASL Teacher
Christie Shiloh Math Teacher (6-12)
Daversa Natalie Business Electives/General Electives
Dunn Allyson Electives Technology Teacher (K-8) 734.237.8110
Frakes Natalie Content Teacher: Music Appreciation in GradPoint
Fugate Paul ASL Teacher
Green Michelle Conent Teacher: ELA and English Electives 810.534.7323
Griffin Donna Content Teacher: High School Science & Science Electives 248.969.5052
King Sally Content Teacher: High School Math
Kozyra Gail Math Teacher (K.8) 248.969.5057
Nicks Richard Content Teacher: 6-12 Health, PE, & Social Studies
Okasinski Dave Content Teacher: 6-12 CTE
Ostrom Jared Content Teacher: High School Social Studies 248.969.5068
Rex Brigitte Content Teacher: High school German
Santala Matt Educational Technology Coordinator & MS Science Teacher 248.969.5020
Tootalian Michael Content Teacher: 6-12 GED, SAT Prep, Math, ELA, Science, & Electives
Jake Trotter Content Teacher: 6-12 Social Studies & Electives
Watson Christie Content Teacher: 6-12 CTE, ELA Electives, & Life Skills
Wilson Laura Content Teacher: K-12 Art
Wojtas Caitlin Content Teacher: K-12 French