September 15, School Photos and ID Badges

Greetings OVA Parents, Guardians, and Students,


This message is regarding school photos and ID badges.


If your student hasn’t had the chance to get their school photo taken for their student ID, there will be another day to do this. Stay tuned for information regarding a make up day in late September or October.


How to order your student’s school photos:

  1. Please visit:

  2. Type in your school name in the box. If your photo was taken at OVA, choose “OVA” for your school.

  3. Click “submit.”

  4. Click on the yellow icon (“Order Pictures”).

  5. Click on the date you would like to order from.

  6. Click “Next.”

  7. Enter student last name and first name in correct boxes.

  8. Click on Next.

  9. Add the package you would like to order. Follow the next pages to

finish the order.

If you have questions please contact HR Imaging customer service

directly. Their customer service number is (815) 433-1766 and/or email


Please note: We understand that some families would like to know what will happen to school photos if their student transfers to a seated school before the end of the year. At this time, student photos will appear in the yearbook for the school at which they are enrolled at the time their photo was taken. We are investigating a possibility for in-district transfer students to have their photo follow them but do not know this will be a possibility at this time. Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you!



OVA Administration