About Us

The Possibilities are Virtually Endless!

Our VISION is to create a world-class education today to shape tomorrow’s selfless, global leaders.

Our MISSION is to provide a world-class education that challenges all students to achieve their maximum potential and prepares them to succeed in a global society.



Oxford Virtual Academy takes the distance out of distance learning by working in partnership with families to provide rigorous academic preparation that is teacher mentored, parent directed and customized to meet the needs of students from all academic backgrounds. OVA continues to provide improved student learning and maintain positive family relationships based on trust and a shared belief that the student always comes first.


  • We believe everyone can learn.
  • We believe everyone wants to learn.
  • We believe effective learning is our highest priority.
  • We believe a safe and caring environment enhances learning.
  • We believe every person has value.
  • We believe every person is unique.
  • We believe learning is a lifelong process.
  • We believe education is the shared responsibility of student, school, family, and community.
  • We believe in the total development of every individual to his or her fullest potential.
  • We believe in a quality education, equitably provided.
  • We believe all schools can improve.